Holly’s Growth-Activating Shampoo for Men has been specifically formulated to target hair-loss, balding, and hair-thinning in men. Can also be used to speed up hair growth.

The advanced formula is designed to speed up and restore new growth, while aggressively combating hair-loss, balding and hair thinning. Rapid new hair growth will be greatly stimulated with regular use, provided the follicle is still alive. Suitable for all hair types in men.

For best results, use in conjunction with Holly’s High Intensity Targeted Growth Treatment for Men. Depending on severity and frequency of use, visible results should start being noticeable after approximately 4-6 weeks. Continued use will assist in preventing further hair-loss as well as maintaining continued healthy growth of new and existing hair.

Contains no harmful parabens or petrochemicals. High-foaming formula ensures more washes per bottle.

Fully backed by our money-back customer satisfaction guarantee.


😎 Supply: 3-4 Months

😎 Solves: Thinning Hair

😎 Delivery: R55 to CPT, R75 S.A.

😎 Price:  R439.00 per set