Holly’s High-Intensity Targeted Growth & Hair-Line Repair for Ethnic Hair is an extremely potent hair-food designed to actively stimulate faster hair growth as well as to restore growth over the hairline or other areas of the scalp which are affected by hair-loss or hair thinning. Very effective for use over receding or damaged hairlines due to braids, weaves, extensions or from chemical damage.

The 100% natural formulation is non-greasy, non-sticky and is quickly absorbed into the scalp, producing longer, thicker, denser and stronger growth. Recommended for daily use in conjunction with Holly’s Ethnic Growth Activating Shampoo. Depending on use, a single jar can last 3-4 months.

Fully backed by our money-back customer satisfaction guarantee.

💚 Supply: 2-3 Months

💚 Solves: Thinning , Dry, Breaking/ Brittle, Balding & Receding Hair-Line

💚 Delivery: FREE

💚 Price:  R859.00 per set