Many (if not all) hair growth capsules on the market today contain high doses of DHT blockers (to eliminate testosterone – what people think is the cause of their hairloss). One of the major side effects of DHT blockers is that they block the production of dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is up to 10 times stronger than testosterone, meaning it is a vital component in your sexual health and can result in a low libido.

Now, for the first time, there IS a better solution. A product that works without including harmful chemicals.
It comes in a one months supply (60 capsules taken over a 30-day period twice a day). Each and every ingredient has been sourced directly from its natural origin and handpicked to ensure the best results. This fully tried and tested formula is filled the most natural & healthy ingredients cased in veggie-capsules to ensure easy digestion.


Just like all our products have proven to be highly effective this new gem will speed up your hair growth journey while increasing your energy levels, reducing stress and even assists with the growth of your nails! Recommended for use with Holly’s Growth Activating Shampoo because a healthy scalp will grow healthy hair.

Fully backed by our money-back customer satisfaction guarantee.


Image result for pink check mark 1 Bottle – 60 High Potency Growth Activating Capsules



Image result for pink check mark Supply: 1 Month

Image result for pink check mark Solves: Hair Fall

Image result for pink check mark Delivery: FREE in South Africa

Image result for pink check mark Price: R599.00 per bottle