Holly’s is completely natural, non-toxic hair products that offer hydration, nutrition and stimulation to the scalp and hair. As you probably already know, many store brand products contain sulphates and dioxane which can really irritate your mucous membranes as well as our upper respiratory tract as well as have traces of carcinogens.

This ingredient can also irritate our hair follicles. Hair care professionals also suggest staying away from
this ingredient as it strips your hair of any colours or treatments. Exposing yourself to something that could hurt your health to any degree is absolutely not worth the few extra Rands saved.

Holly’s cleans and nourishes the hair from the root to the tips while encouraging blood circulation to the scalp, which feeds the hair shaft from deep within. Our extensive range of products have been proven to prevent and reverse hair loss as well as revitalise dry and damaged hair.


Holly’s boasts an incredible hair-food that comes in a 100% non-oily cream that needs to be massaged into the scalp every morning. Our special high intensity growth formula fortifies weak and damaged strands while nourishing and regenerating the scalp and hair follicles, allowing for hair to grow longer and stronger.

For best results it is highly recommended for use in conjunction with Holly’s Original Growth Activating Shampoo.

100% Natural – contains no harmful parabens or petrochemicals.

Fully backed by our money-back customer satisfaction guarantee.


Image result for pink check mark.png  250ml Growth Stimulating Shampoo

Image result for pink check mark.png  150ml Advanced Deep Nourishing Conditioner Mask

Image result for pink check mark.png  150ml High-Intensity Targeted Growth Treatment


Image result for pink check mark.png Supply: 3 Months

Image result for pink check mark.png Solves: Thinning , Balding & Receding Hair-Line

Image result for pink check mark.png Delivery: FREE in South Africa

Image result for pink check mark.png Price:  R659.00 per set