negative review  Unfortunately the product did not work for me, saw no growth and the shampoo left my already dry hair drier, the conditioner did not really help this. It did slow the hair fall a hit. Service is good and fast, pity the product doesn't work.

    Jackie Du Preez Avatar Jackie Du Preez
    January 23, 2020

    positive review  Good Mornings, Everybody.. It's been 16 months since I stopped using #Relaxer on my crown... The second week of December 2019 I started to use #HollysOriginalHairProducts Hairgrowth does take time, take care of ur health.. Vitamins is essential for growth, njoy don't stress it ❤️

    Joey Shinoda Avatar Joey Shinoda
    January 22, 2020

    positive review  2 months ago I was in a very serious car accident and all my hair was shaved off due to a huge head injury. I recently started using Holly's products. At first I was very sceptical and thought the results is just to good to be true. But when I started seeing the results for myself I was speechless. This products really work!

    Ania van der Walt Avatar Ania van der Walt
    January 9, 2020

    positive review  i placed my order online, immediately received confirmation thereof followed with a tracking number and within a day not only did i receive my order (cpt-jhb) but was sent all information on the product as well as how to begin using it. in this day and age where prompt and professional service is rare, it has been an absolute pleasure supporting holly’s. thank you! i cannot wait to begin using the product and sending updates.

    Tanya Lee Avatar Tanya Lee
    January 7, 2020
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Being in my early fifties, I started experiencing very noticeable thinning and hair loss about 3 years ago.  Recently a friend of mine from Pretoria brought me a bottle of Holly’s to try out as she knew just how much my hair was stressing me out. All I can say is this product has literally saved my life! For a once proud and confident woman like myself to experience the trauma of hair-loss just totally destroyed my self esteem. After a month of using Holly’s shampoo every day I could visibly see the difference starting to be noticeable, and now 5 months later my hair has never looked or felt better. Even my stylist has started using it herself!
Evelyn – Roodepoort, Gauteng

I don’t know what you guys put in this stuff, but whatever it is, don’t change a thing! Going bald in your mid-twenties is no  joke – I started feeling like such a loser. Surely this only happens to old guys? When I saw your ad online, I just thought what do I have to lose and placed my order. I’ve been using Holly’s For Men now for 3 months and my bald spot is no longer visible and my hairline has almost been restored to its former glory. Just glad I found you guys in time… Cheers
Keith – Windhoek, Namibia
Never before has my hair felt so soft and shiny. Not to mention the incredible speed at which it is now growing and thickening. The growth didn’t start showing much in the beginning, but after 4 weeks of using Holly’s instead of my regular shampoo, my hair just suddenly started growing out like crazy. And no more brittle, breaking hair either. This product is just absolutely and totally awesome!
Samantha – Fourways North, JHB
In a moment of stupidity, I asked my stylist to go short – really short. It was the first time I’ve ever cut my hair so short, but at the time I thought the change would be good. Unfortunately it was also the first time I found out just how terrible short hair actually looked on me. No matter what I did, I just could not get used to it and that point I would have done anything to get back my long hair. I met a hairdresser at a friend’s birthday party who insisted I try this product. Even though they claim results at around 4-6 weeks, after just 3 weeks of using Holly Original I noticed how much faster my hair was starting to grow. In just 5 months this shampoo has grown my hair more than what it would have taken a year to grow normally. Thank you Holly’s!
Shahieda H – Lenasia, Gauteng
After the birth of my baby boy, my hair suddenly started thinning out and shedding all over the place. Since starting to use Holly’s Growth Activating shampoo just under 2 months ago, I can already see the total reversal of my hair loss and it is back to normal state – and even thicker and healthier than before. Love this product and the way it makes my hair look and feel. I can highly recommend trying it, you won’t be sorry.
Henrietta – Vaal Triangle
After wasting literally thousands of rands on hair growing products I saw an advert for Holly’s Ethnic hair grow products in a magazine. After visiting their website I felt confident that I have maybe now found the product I have been looking for – and right here in South Africa! Guys, you have to try it out. What a difference it has made in restoring by hairline and stopping breakage after years of damage caused by weaves. I honestly never thought I would be able to reverse the damage done, even the stylists in the salons did not sound hopeful. But Holly’s Ethnic hair grow has proved me wrong very luckily. Thanks Holly’s! 
JP – Centurion
Finally a new local black haircare product to get excited about! 
Cynthia – Mafikeng
I must say this product is really true to its word. My hair has grown over 7 inches now and I am so pleased with the results I got in such a short space of time.
Mrs F Krige – Somerset West
It grew my hair out very, very fast!
Jacqui Sutherland – Claremont
For the first time in years, I wore my hair without a ponytail. My hair looks good and healthy, and most of all I feel GOOD about myself. I started using Hollys last month and now its growing, its soft, its moist, its shiny and healthy. This product definitely WORKS.
J Myburgh – Carletonville
My hair has now filled out where the balding was. I highly recommend Holly For Men to anybody suffering from any form of balding. Thanks again.
Mark M – Ballito
Hi guys – just wanted to tell you that I had to stop using your product – it made my hair grow too fast and I needed too many haircuts lol. Regards
Marieta – Wierda Park
OMG…I just love your shampoo. My hair has never looked or felt so good before. I tell all my friends about it and it’s so cool to see when they start getting the great results too.
Charlene – Brooklyn, Pta
I love this product and recommend it to everyone and anyone I know. My hair was so damaged and visibly balding in the front and at my temples. I was really scared and didn’t know what to do. I heard about Holly’s at the salon and now 6 months later my hair is completely turned around. Big up to the creator of this miracle solution! Stress is an absolute killer for my hair. Being self-employed, stress is something I have had to get used to, but one thing I could not get used to were the amounts of hair I was losing down the shower drain every morning. My wife noticed how this was stressing me out even more and she bought me a bottle of Holly’s. All I can say is, thank you Honey, I’ll never use another shampoo brand again.
Reinhardt – Welkom FS.